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The International Association of Infant Massage


“ The purpose of the International Association of Infant Massage is to promote nurturing touch and communication through training, education and research so parents, caregivers and children are loved, valued and respected throughout the world community.”

Infant massage is an age old tradition that has been passed down by mothers to daughters through generations. Since the practice of infant massage in the earliest recorded civilization, the benefits have been readily observed. Frederic Leboyer, a French obstetrician, was the first one to introduce infant massage in the western world with his book and film “Loving hands”.

The International Association of Infant Massage was founded in 1981 in California, USA by Vimala McClure author of the book “Infant massage a handbook for loving parents”. Following her experiences working in an orphanage in northern India, she brought the practice of infant massage to the West. When he saw how well the children over there were adjusted in spite of their social and economical situation she thought that if they were so loving and relaxed it was because they had been massaged as infants. And babies have been loved that way for thousands of years in India.

After the birth of her first child she practiced massage with him and was delighted with the experience and its results. She incorporated Swedish strokes to the Indian massage she had learnt as well as ideas from reflexology and yoga and started teaching parents a five weeks program. Eventually she also developed an infant massage instructor training program. The International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM) who has is head office in Sweden is now present in over 50 Countries around the world.

Important researches conducted are scientifically proving the wisdom and benefits of this practice intuitively understood for a long time.