un beau bébé

True love between parents and child is through listening, understanding  and respecting one another


In the womb a baby is constantly touched, rocked and caressed while each of his needs are fulfilled without hesitation. After the shock of his birth he must adapt to his new environment and learn to express his basic needs with a language unique to him. The need of being touched and caressed is still essential not only for the baby to survive but also to thrive.

Integrally respecting the baby, better understanding his needs and states. Comprehending the importance of the parent’s role in the healthy development of an individual as well as supporting them in the deepening of the bond with their baby is the foundation of our infant massage program.

If you are a parent wanting to learn how to massage your baby or if you wish to become an infant massage instructor you will discover much more than just a massage technique. Infant massage is a privilege, a means of communication, to have intimate contact with the baby. Massage stimulates, strengthens and regulates the circulatory, respiratory, digestive, immune and nervous systems. It also helps to relieve minor ailments, tensions and improves sleep. It plays an important role in deepening the bond and attachment between parents and their baby.